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A Lot Of Italian Schools In Chaos, A Ransomware Attack At The Electronic Register

A lot of Italian schools in chaos, a ransomware attack at the electronic register

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Axos Italia, one of the company that provide the service of Electronic Register to Italian schools, suffered of ransomware attack, which is a virus that encrypts all the data, then it blocks them in order to ask a ransom for decrypts them. It was the same company that has communicated on its website, after the service was out of contact for days: first problems, and the first communications by Axios came during the morning of the 3rd of April. Meanwhile Axios talks about a simple disservice, it has successively admitted that the problem arises due to a ransomware attack, even ensuring its users: “there are not any losses and/or exfiltration of data”. The news of the hacker attack to Axios and its electronic register, to which can have the access both students and professors, has not been emphasized during the holidays of Easter and Easter Monday, and now many schools have just opened and they are not doing any distant learning.

The first communication by the company was on the 3rd of April, at 11 o’clock in the morning, when it was already impossible to have the access to the platform of the electronic register: “dear customers, after a sudden technical failure of the system during the night it was necessary an extraordinary service”. Then there were no communications until the 5th of April, at 13:20, when Axios communicates that “we want to inform you that we are working hard in order to make available all the webservices in a few days”. Finally, at 18:20, the company spoke for the first time of the ransomware hacker attack: “it is unequivocally a consequence of a ransomware attack brought to our infrastructure”. As a result of in-depth technical verifications put in place from Saturday morning in parallel with the activities of restoration of the services, we have had confirmation that the disservice created

Schools using the Axios Electronic Register may therefore be affected. Even if the company claims that no data has been stolen, caution in these cases is always the best choice, and in any case it is yet another disservice that, combined with all the known inconveniences resulting from the health emergency, helps to plunge more and more Italian schools into chaos.


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