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BY THE BRAZILIAN DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: ANPD And Senacon Have Signed An Agreement Of Technical Cooperation

BY THE BRAZILIAN DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: ANPD and Senacon have signed an agreement of technical cooperation

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The president of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), Waldemar Gonçalves and the secretary of the National Secretary of Consumers (SECACON/MISP), Juliana Domingues, have signed on this Monday 22th of March an agreement of technical cooperation in order to protect consumer’s data. One of the main aims is to accelerate the investigations on security accidents.

For this reason, SENACON/MJSP will start sharing information recollected on consumer’s complainants about personal data protection and it will formalized a Center, inside the National Council for Consumer’s Protection, that it will take care of this convergence with the Authority. The ANPD will establish the necessary interpretation for the application of the General Legislation on personal data protection (LGPD) in specific cases.

The system of personal data protection is complexed and affects the works of many actors. The LGPD defines the ANPD like the inner body for the interpretation of this legislation and in order to establish rules and guidelines for its implementation. Setting these interpretations in specific cases is a fundamental basis for increasing legal certainty and preventing mass justice in the country.

The Agreement provides for joint actions in the fields of personal data protection and consumer protection and will include the exchange of information, the standardization of arrangements, cooperation on inspection actions, the development of education activities, training and capacity building and the development of studies and research. In addition, an effective channel between the different agencies receiving complaints for data leaks promotes rapid action by the government in the protection of citizens’ rights.

For the National Consumer Secretary, Juliana Domingues, “this is a crucial step in the face of accidents involving consumer data. We will contribute effectively to the activities of the ANPD. ”

ANPD Chairman, Waldemar Gonçalves, celebrates the partnership of great importance in optimizing the flows and performance of each agency, mainly among the amount of reported losses. “Articulation with the consumer protection system is essential for the timely and effective performance of the Authority both in its role of guarantor of the execution of the LGPD and in its educational role”.

The Agreement forms part of the ANPD’s Strategic Planning to Promote the Strengthening of the Data Protection Culture and concerns the promotion of dialogue with governmental and non-governmental bodies in order to build strategic partnerships for the promotion of studies, acting together and incorporating best practices to prevent and detect LGPD violations.


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