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BY THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL: Convention 108+ For The Personal Data Protection Also In Latin America

BY THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL: Convention 108+ for the personal data protection also in Latin America

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Latin American Countries are always more affected by the personal data protection and a lot of them refers to the European Council in order to access to its Convention and participate to its works or in order to find assistance in the development of their legal frameworks in that important area.

Along with a series of excellent international relators, Patrick Penninckx, chief of the Department of the Informatic Company, has taken part to the plenary section of the opening of the conference CPDPLatam (14-15-16 July 2021), by underling the adventive of the Convention 108+ in increasing the personal data protection in Latin America.


CPDP LatAm-Discursos PP-EN 09Jul21.docx


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