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BY THE LUXEMBOURG DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: Alain Herrmann Has Been Appointed As Commissioner

BY THE LUXEMBOURG DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: Alain Herrmann has been appointed as Commissioner

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On the 27th of August 2021, Alain Herrmann has taken an oath as Personal Data Protection Commissioner at CNPD.

Alain Herrmann has been a public functionary at the CNPD since 2012. His first role was IT and new technology expert and then he has covered the position of Head of Compliance Dep.

Previously, he has been active for 14 years as an engineering and cybersecurity advisor in many private organizations.

Alain Herrmann has a great acknowledge of the national, European and international ecosystem of personal data protection.

His experience and its will to get out of his comfort zone will be useful to CNPD to continue in its development for replying to future challenges and in order to guarantee the continuation of the CNPD’s activities since the 1st of September 2021.


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