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BY THE POLISH DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: Codes Of Conduct Like A Safeguard In Data Transfers

BY THE POLISH DATA PROTECTION AUTHORITY: codes of conduct like a safeguard in data transfers

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Until the 1st of October 2021 the European Data Protection Board is accepting comments on the guideline 4/2021 on codes of conduct like an instrument for transfer data.

The main purpose of this guideline is to clarify the article 40, paragraph 3, of the GDPR, which permits the usage of code of conduct like adequate guarantees when personal data are transferred to third countries. Actually, this disposal permits to third countries bodies to use codes approved as a mechanism of protection for transfers of data pursuant to the article 46, paragraph 2, letter e) of the GDPR. The new document integrates the guidelines of the EDPB n. 1/2019 on codes of conduct which establishes a general framework for the adoption of code of conduct.

Guideline 04/2021 on codes of conduct as transfers of data – English version for the public consultation:

Wytyczne 4_2021 w sprawie kodeksów postępowania jako narzędzia do przekazywania


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