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What Does Skimmin Mean?

What does skimmin mean?

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It is about a credit card cloning system by which the card is inserted into a system called skimmer which is detecting the number and the pin. How does the skimmer work? Hackers attack an ecommerce online and add instructions, which intercept data of credit cards when are typed by users during an online purchase done online. Usually, intercepted data are switched to the legitimate site and the purchase is successful.

In this way the user who is the victim is not conscious of anything, until he/she discovers that in the invoice of the credit card there are some fraudulent charges.
In order to protect us by this type of attack many antivirus and security app for smartphone, tablet and computer are able to detect if a commercial website visited has been affected by a skimming attack.
It is useful to install these informatic protection as a first line defense.

But we are not so sure that this first form of protection is always working. Consequently, as an additional precaution it is better to activate on your own credit card an immediate notification, which warns the data controller as soon as it is carried out a purchase and permit him/her to block the card in case of unauthorized case.

Alternately, it shall be used a prepaid credit card: in this way an eventual theft could detect only the charged amount on the card, but he can not drain off the credit on the account.


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